WEST VANCOUVER, British Columbia, Dec. 12, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Aquatica Submarines and Subsea Technology Inc. (Aquatica), a leading manufacturer and operator of manned submersibles, announced today that their flagship submersible the Stingray 500 has outperformed expectations and closes out another successful year of expeditions and dives on the west coast of North America. The Stingray 500 was designed with a streamlined, lightweight hull and flexible payload configuration in order to provide cost effective alternatives for commercial, research and tourism applications. Throughout 2017, customers consistently contracted the Stingray 500 and Aquatica’s team of submersible pilots and operational specialists to conduct a wide range of dives and expeditions. Dive missions included tourism operations with tier one tour providers, scientific research and biological monitoring of artificial reefs, commercial surveys, and several film and media expeditions featured on international broadcast outlets including the Discovery Channel’s “Daily Planet and Tech Week.” A photo accompanying this announcement is available at http://www.globenewswire.com/NewsRoom/AttachmentNg/0ea01466-7d59-47c0-9929-5078dfeda19f

Last winter, Aquatica and its operational team provided dives and lectures for the TED 2017 Convention in the waters off Vancouver, Canada. Several months later, Aquatica partnered with YouTube personality and robotics enthusiast Simone Giertz to film a subsea commercial featuring 360 technology and Samsung products. (The commercial is schedule to air sometime in early 2018.) Throughout the spring and summer of 2017, Aquatica’s Stingray 500 continued to be a significant resource to advance scientific research and discovery. Aquatica conducted a series of dives for several nonprofit and research organizations including the Underwater Council of British Columbia, The Artificial Reef Society of British Columbia, the Marine Life Sanctuaries Society and the Vancouver Aquarium. One of the expeditions resulted in the discovery of a large Glass Sponge reef. Previously unknown to scientists, this particular discovery secured international news and media coverage and was featured on Discovery Channel’s weekly program the “Alan Nursall Experience.” The Glass Sponge discovery has sparked excitement and a renewed interest from conservation groups and the general public. In response, National Geographic producer and Aquatica Chief Submersible Pilot Erika Bergman developed a 360 Virtual Reality (VR) experience to facilitate education and stewardship. Enthusiasts will be able to access the program across social media outlets worldwide for National Geographic. Aquatica’s regular dives focused on the elusive Sixgill shark have garnered attention from several large media outlets. As a result, the Aquatica team will be working closely with scientist and researchers to film new programmatic elements to showcase this species.

On the commercial side, Aquatica continues to build partnerships and expand operations on a global scale. The company has signed several contracts for the design and manufacture of a series of underwater vehicles that will take advantage of new fabrication and design technology. The Stingray submersible will now boast a standard operating depth of 1,000 feet (305 meters), and will be reconfigured with a lighter overall weight than her predecessor. The new configuration will allow a flexible upgraded equipment package, greater range and depth. In tandem with the submersible redesign, Aquatica will also launch a new line of transport vehicles designed to reduce costs associated with submersible operations, transport and delivery. The Company will launch the new vehicles publicly in early 2018.

“We are excited about the success of our Stingray 500,” said Harvey Flemming, CEO and Founder. “Our operational excellence and safety record is the foundation of the success of each and every dive. As our business continues to grow, we will take full advantage of new technology to help lower the barriers to safe, productive marine exploration.”

Aquatica Submarines & Subsea Technology Inc. (Aquatica):
Aquatica Submarines is a Canadian based company that provides the complete design, manufacturing, sales and operations of manned submersibles and subsea support technologies. Aquatica’s portfolio of submersibles can be configured to suit a wide range of requirements for subsea expeditions and dives. The Company is focused on serving the following markets: offshore commercial industries; the research and scientific community; media and entertainment; tourism and personal recreation. Aquatica’s innovative designs lower the costs involved with manned submersibles while maintaining functionality with the highest standards for health, safety and the environment. Visit us www.aquaticasubmarines.com or follow @AquaticaSubs.