Canada – Vancouver, B.C. – As Aquatica’s descent to the bottom of Belize’s Blue Hole approaches, word continues to spread of this exciting endeavor. The Aquatica team is proud to announce support from leading non-governmental organizations (NGOs); the Belize Audubon Society, responsible for managing the Blue Hole in concert with the Government of Belize, Sir Richard Branson’s Ocean Unite, whose goal is to place the ocean at the forefront of political consciousness, Oceanic Global, an ocean conservation non-profit organization that educates and empowers through art, music and technology, Oceana Belize, the local chapter of the largest international advocacy organization focused solely on ocean conservation, and The Fabien Cousteau Learning Center, that works with both children and adults to restore our oceans through the tenets of public awareness, education and special projects.

“I would like to create a conscious community of individuals and businesses to help sustain and regenerate our oceans to ensure our survival. We are not atomized producers and consumers, we are part of the earth family, we are part of the human family.” —Jerry Reid, Oceanic Global

Aquatica is very pleased to have the full support and endorsement of the Expedition from the Government of Belize and the Belize Fisheries Department.  This national support from Belizean authorities cements the initiative to be executed alongside Sir Richard Branson, Fabien Cousteau and submarine partner the Roatan Institute of Deep Sea Exploration (RIDE).  The Aquatica team of scientists, explorers and filmmakers will unlock the beautiful mysteries that await at the bottom of Belize’s Blue Hole (which will be shared with the world via Livestream). Scientific data will be collected by performing a complete sonar scan of its interior—the more that is known about the Blue Hole and its surrounding reef system, the better equipped experts are to protect it.

About The Blue Hole

Situated in the center of Lighthouse Reef 40 miles off the coast of Belize, the Blue Hole is a giant marine sinkhole that is 1,043 ft (318 m) in diameter and 407 ft (124 m) deep. To put its size into perspective, the Blue Hole could easily swallow two entire Boeing 747s in one gulp, undiscoverable from the surface. The Blue Hole is a part of the larger Belize Barrier Reef Reserve System which is a World Heritage Site of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO).

In 1971, the site’s name was coined by legendary oceanic explorer and filmmaker Jacques Cousteau and identified as one of the top five scuba diving sites in the world. In the same adventurous spirit as Cousteau, the Aquatica mission—which will be captured by a marine biologist/videographer—is not just about feeding curiosity, but also about ocean education, conservation and scientific research.

About Aquatica Submarines

Aquatica Submarines is an emerging and innovative company in the manned submersible technology space.  Based in Vancouver, BC, Canada, the company strives to design, build and operate safe, robust and versatile manned submersibles for use in scientific, commercial and recreational endeavours.