Packed with Innovations, Aquatica submarines are designed from the ground up with an eye for detail and a philosophy of functional elegance. The stingray line of submersibles offer comfort and stability while maintaining robust and versatile characteristics. They are ideally suited for a wide variety of applications. This has provided abundant opportunities to enhance safety and improve mobility, operation, and user friendliness; while vastly reducing overall cost.


Elegance and operational simplicity with a stable and balanced platform. Enhanced use of acrylics provides almost unimpeded passenger viewing in all applications.


Designed in accordance with classification society standards with a focus on heightened safety features including not supplying high-pressure air or oxygen into main cabin and minimal thru-hull penetrators.


Models for 3 or 5 occupants, operational depths down to 3,300 ft, and the ability to add additional tools and sensors.


Stingray submersibles are designed to be weight optimized and are easily transported on land or in standard shipping containers.

cost advantage

Lower operating and acquisition costs gives Stingray users the ability enter into the manned submersibles market more economically.

custom and concept submarines

Custom vessels can be designed and manufatured to suit any specific need required.